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Pool Updates

10 JUN 2022

Pool Updates

Over its near 25-year age, the pool has given us many years of enjoyment with family, friends, kids, and other members.   

However, some good things do not last forever, and our pool unfortunately succumbed to maintenance challenges, equipment issues, drainage problems, stricter chemical disinfecting requirements, and more inspections to mitigate potential health and safety concerns.   

Our fix & repair approach is no longer viable for a pool of this age and instead requires an entirely new pool and infrastructure build (and related demolition, removal, permits, construction, inspections, etc.), which is not possible with present supply chain building material issues.  

We want the RattleSnake Pool area to continue providing enjoyment and benefit to all Members and as such considering all options for repurposing the area.  

The planning discussions are in early days, but this unfortunately means the pool is not able to reopen this season.   

More details to come soon.